How to wear a poncho

I really do have to admit that it’s about time that I made a post on how to wear a poncho! Just like atoms and molecules, combination is everything when it comes to wearing a poncho and it can ideally make or break your appearance.

No worries! I’m really not trying to intimidate you with my “DO OR DIE!” speech. However, the combination is really an important factor when wearing a poncho and it depends on the context in which you want to wear the poncho.

So which is it? Casual? Formal? Party atmosphere? We’ll go through each of the mainstream contexts that are available with the goal of there being absolutely no confusion when it comes to how to wear a poncho!

Formal Context

This context has all to do about status and about making a statement in the world of work. As such, the use of clothing such as jeans are not recommended. However if you can pull off an awesome combination using jeans then by all means – kudos to you!

The world of work is changing with regards to the degree of formality that is deemed acceptable and many businesses have adopted semi-casual to casual wear in the workplace.

One great way to wear a poncho in a formal context is with a slim fit dress – which admittedly can be a bit of a tease. Generally speaking, colors based on a standard “neutral” palette are used (such as black, brown, cream, navy, charcoal, and grey). Lighter colors are not recommended for this context. Bright pink and eye-blinding yellow won’t cut it in the line of business (most of the times!)

Wearing a poncho in a one color attire is also very unique and acceptable in this context (once it sticks to the neutral colors as stated previously!). This look also complements office skirts.


Casual Context

Moving along from the monotonous and very subjective guidelines of the formal context is the casual context. This realm deals with one’s personal expression and comfort as opposed to that of the formal context. So whether you’re just at home or chilling at a friend’s house – it’s all casual!

Jeans, skinny jeans, shorts, tights and boots and bright colors are all welcomed in this realm. It’s really about YOU!

Party Context

This context deals with the realm of parties! So the poncho being considered must have the qualities of gaining attention and ensuring that the spotlight is yours for the night! Items recommended would be a specific poncho print, embellishments, and fashionable jewelry are a yes!

With regards to the recommended pants for a party context, they’re practical the same as those that would be worn in a casual context nowadays so there’s again great freedom. Jeans, shorts, and even tights are very common in today’s parties! If you are wondering where to buy ponchos then stylewe is a great option for you.