ACID – LSD, blotter, cheer, dots, drop, flash, hawk, L, lightening flash or liquid acid.

What is it ?

A hallucinogenic drug (which means you’re likely to experience a distorted view of objects and reality, including in the form of hallucinations). It originally derived from ergot, a fungus found growing wild on rye and other grasses. LSD is commonly called ‘acid’.


The expertise is thought as a ‘trip’ and these journeys are often smart or dangerous. a visit will take from twenty minutes to AN hour to begin and typically lasts regarding twelve hours. Once it’s started you can’t stop it.

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What’s it seem like ?

As a drug it’s sometimes sold-out as small squares of paper with footage on them. however it are often found as a liquid or as small pellets.

Law and Consequences

LSD could be a category A drug – ill-gotten to own, reveal or sell. Possession will get you up to seven years in jail. supply somebody else, together with your friends, with psychodelic drug will get you a sentence and an infinite fine.

What are The Risks ?

LSD or ‘acid’ has terribly random, and generally terribly scary, effects. journeys feed off a person’s imagination.

If panic sets in, the expertise are often scarey and confusing. dangerous journeys are often terrific.

Flashbacks generally happen. this can be once a part of the trip is later on re-lived once the first expertise. (This sometimes happens atintervals weeks or months once taking the psychodelic drug however are often longer).


CANNABISBlack, blast, Ganga, Marajuana, Spliff, Wacky Backy, Weed.

What is it ?

Cannabis is that the most generally used illegal drug in kingdom. made up of elements of the cannabis plant, it’s a present drug. it’s a light sedative (often inflicting a relaxing out feeling or actual sleepiness) and it’s conjointly a light psychedelic drug (meaning you will expertise a state wherever you see objects and reality during a distorted ap
proach and should even hallucinate).


Some folks might feel chilled out, relaxed and happy, whereas others have one puff and feel sick. Others get the giggles and should become talkative. Hunger pangs square measure common and square measure referred to as ‘getting the munchies’. Stronger ‘joints’ (e.g. usually once skunk or sinsemilla is used) might have additional powerful effects.


What’s it appear as if ? Cannabis comes in several forms.Cannabis-150x150

Hash – could be a black or brown lump made up of the organic compound of the plant.

Herbal cannabis (grass or weed) – is formed from the dried leaves and flowering elements of the feminine plant and appears like tightly packed dried herbs.

Skunk – This sturdy cannabis includes: ‘sinsemilla’ (a bud grownup within the absence of male plants and that has no seeds)


Cannabis is illegal; it’s a category B drug.