Infrared Saunas Improve Mental Health

New studies reveal that infrared sauna users can improve mental health and overall moods with the same release of endorphins experienced during physical exercise.

What are Endorphins?

The human brain produces endorphins in large quantities during exercise. Endorphins are chemically similar to opium and morphine and hence the brain does not feel any pain during strenuous exercises. Endorphins evoke a feeling of a “high,” similar to that experienced by drug-users. They uplift your mood to a state of happiness and contentment. Regular exercisers often crave exercises and feel depressed or restless if they are not able to be physically active. This is likely due to the lack of endorphins or mood enhancers on no-exercise days. Rigorous exercise lightens the body and mind due to the release of endorphins in the blood. The effect of such exercise lingers as the endorphin levels in blood remain high for quite some time.

How can Sauna affect your moods?

The best infrared sauna for home use normally act as relaxants. Infrared rays transmit heat into the body through infrared transmitters. This heat increases the body temperature and relaxes the muscles through its warmth. Such relaxed muscles release chemicals or endorphins. These endorphins act as painkillers for patients of arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and sometimes cancer suffers. Regular infrared saunas decrease pain and increase physical and mental abilities. Sufferers slowly develop better and lighter moods due to a lack of persistent and nagging pain.


Similarly, the heat of infrared saunas enhances the moods of sauna users due to the release of certain chemicals while soaking in the healing powers of the sauna heat. The released endorphins act as boosters for patients of depression, attention deficit disorder, anxiety and bipolar disorder. Healthy people experience better clarity of mind and thinking and feel refreshed. They are no longer worried or anxious and are able to meet challenges confidently.


What are the beneficial effects of Sauna on your mood?

Infrared saunas relax the whole body and evoke pleasant feelings. It soothes worked up nerves, which helps in releasing your daily worries. This in turn reduces antagonistic feelings and you forget all fears, uncertainties and anxieties. Infrared sauna produces positive effects on the brain and mind for a period of time. It induces calm feelings and relieves you of all tensions, negative feelings, anxieties and stress. Regular usage of infrared saunas develops mental satisfaction and increased energy levels in such sauna users.

A sauna session can replace the vigorous exercises you may be doing with a weighted vest to calm your mind.

Stress is a predominant factor in all spheres of life. It is also the cause for many illnesses like allergies, asthma, arthritis, colitis, ulcers and sometimes, even cancer. Reducing stress promotes well-being. Stress and its ill effects find relief in infrared sauna treatments. The warmth of the sauna de-stresses you and refreshes the total mind and body.

Exercises can go a long way in treating clinical depression, a common ailment today. Different psychologists promote exercise among depression patients. These exercises help in releasing endorphins into blood, which then act as mood enhancers for these patients. Similarly, infrared sauna therapies also work wonders for depression patients. You experience feelings of joy and mental satisfaction without having to engage in strenuous workouts.


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